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Working together as a team made us successful.


“We need the best designer to launch the first trading app ever.”

/ goldman sachs /

Goldman Sachs’ products are showing the example for so many other companies. They wanted to launch new products for their traders as well as internal communication tools. Using the User Experience process and more specifically frequent Usability Testings, they learned to listen to their users and adapt their tools to what’s really working for the audience.

Collaborated directly with the Managing Director eProduct Strats.

  • Designed the first iPhone/iPad app for Goldman Sachs traders.

  • Designed internal app “Orbit” used daily by 35K employees.

  • Collaborated with the team of 10+ developers.


“Max Masure’s world-class reputation as a designer continues to grow and they are in constant demand to develop sophisticated state-of-the-art applications that deliver functionality in compliance with government regulations while at the same time reinforcing and spreading the company’s brand. I hired Max to design the First Goldman Sachs phone trading app which provides a new and innovative user experience that greatly increases usability for rapid trading on a smartphone while reinforcing the Goldman brand. The advanced design allows our prestigious clients to instantly, yet safely, trade millions of dollars every day, with the efficiency of a perfectly crafted and powerful app. Max also distinguished themself by making the Goldman Sachs Orbit project the huge success it is now. They designed this company-wide internal email, calendar and contact app with a innovative user experience and user interface, that answers company specific use cases while maintaining necessary high security. I am glad I had them on my team to push this product further than I could ever imagine.”

/ Rick Schonberg, E-product development - Goldman Sachs /

“We need new ideas for products to build!”

/ Essilor USA /

The Research & Development Consumer Innovation team were looking for more innovative ideas to create new products. The user interviews, prototyping, and testing parts of the Design Thinking Sprints allowed them to discover that they actually didn’t need to create new products, but rather improve the services they were providing (trainings) along the already high quality and complex products they were offering, so their customers would learn how to use them properly.


5-month collaboration with the R&D Consumer Innovation team including user research workshops, innovation/ideation workshops as well as prototyping and testing sessions.

  • Led, adapted and conducted a series of innovative workshops, including a 3-day workshop for 40 persons where they generated, prototyped and tested new concepts with real users.

  • Supported the R&D team to get the buy-in from leadership as well as securing the long-term legitimacy of the R&D team.

  • Trained the team to repeat the Design Thinking process on their own, including managing user interviews.

  • Generated innovative ideas for products and services to feed their production pipeline.


“Attending these Design Thinking workshops completely changed the way we think about innovation within the organization. Max Masure possesses phenomenal Design Thinking facilitation skills and enthusiasm for designing products and services around existing human needs. They’re a holistic thinker who will help you search for opportunities to innovate - whether it be internal processes or external products/services - within your company. Throughout their time with us, everyone got inspired with practical tools for working on any challenges using design thinking framework and tools.”

/ Elodie Camaret, Consumer Innovation Director- Essilor /

“We need to understand the clients’ needs!”

/ Johnson & Johnson /

Johnson & Johnson Global Innovation Department teams were looking for new ideas for their pipeline. Through the empathy and ideation activities of the Design Thinking Sprint, they learned more about the needs of their customers and they discovered that the way the products were provided could be the answer instead of creating a totally new collection of products.

Collaborated directly with the Global Innovation Department.

  • Led a team of 10 people by adapting and conducting innovation workshops to generate new ideas for market products.


“ The client Johnson & Johnson loved working with Max Masure. Their work was done very thorough and the client felt interesting to be involved every step of the way in this high level engagement as they were not used to be part of the process like that. It was new and interesting for them.

Their marketing teams planned on doing internally ideas creativity session following the ideation workshop led by Max Masure.”

/ Ludivine Grippay, senior innovation strategist - inprocess /

“We have to innovate and meet our market.”

/ kiwi, INC /

Kiwi, a digital game company, needed innovative ideas to create new innovative entertainment mobile products, using Artificial Intelligence and Conversational User Interface. The series of different prototypes using chatbots led to the exploration and launch of a storytelling mobile product. From that research, we also launched a playful group video chat app, all of that by driving them through the process of iterations, usability testings and user research.

Collaborated directly with the CEO.

  • Strategized with the core team through Design Thinking workshops.

  • Designed iPhone app’s User Experiences for “Sequel” and “Joyride”.

  • Led a team of UI and UX designers and directly interacted with engineers.

  • Rated 4.1 in App Store, #19 in Trivia category with more than 100K users.


“Max has been working with our team to help conceptualize, design, and build innovative, digital applications that combine cutting-edge technologies and capabilities including artificial intelligence and conversational user interface design. They interviewed users to identify opportunities, tested application concepts with them, developed top-notch, innovative designs, and worked with our engineering team to produce prototypes and products. The efforts have ranged from quick ideas we have prototyped such as a travel assistant application connecting users to a travel agent advising them on airfare, hotel, and attractions to full-featured products such as “Sequel”, our most recent product.

In the project, Max played a critical role in leading the design of key interactions and features, the brand, the product’s “voice”, and the holistic user experience for consumers and writers in collaboration with our writing team, our engineering team, and with me. They pushed our thinking not only with feature ideas and design execution but also with user interviews to identify opportunities for improvement.

The product gained traction and appreciation from a diverse set of writers authoring compelling stories on it as well as partners such as messaging platforms, brands, and IP holders with whom we are working, a testimonial to Max’s excellent design contributions.

As our Sequel project continues, we are excited to continue working with Max to keep pushing our thinking on branding, product design, user experience, and user interface design. Max Masure’s talent, experience, and hard work have made them a valued asset to our team, and we are excited to continue seeing the innovative ideas and designs they will be contributing to the project.

/ Omar Siddiqui, CEO - Kiwi, Inc. /

“How can we offer a greater product to our expert clients ?”

/ state street - currenex /

The User Research and Usability Testings of their current products at State Street Currenex, helped to understand their fast-acting users (expert traders who trade millions of dollars every ten seconds). After a deep understanding of the data about the users’ behaviors and the main practices in the trading industry, we focused on giving them a responsive and real-time platform. The brand new dashboard to State Street Currenex gives the users a real-time feel of the current market pulse to help them make very quick and yet safe decisions.

Collaborated directly with the Global Head of Product Development:

  • Led a team of 2 UI designers and 2 UX designers.

  • Conducted User Studies to deeply understand the data about the users’ behaviors and the main practices in the trading industry.

  • Redesigned the whole digital experience for their fast-acting clients (traders).


“I hired Max without a doubt when I had to reimagine the whole digital experience design at my current position at State Street Currenex. This was a strategic choice for me as I had to prove myself in this new environment. I knew Max Masure’s extraordinary ability and talent were the only way to make this challenging project like Currenex a success. And, as always, I was amazed. Max perfectly understood the need of our fast-acting expert clients and they were able to majestically design a beautiful innovative tool and deliver the responsive and real-time platform we needed to reinvent Currenex.
I hired Max because of their outstanding portfolio of work displaying world-class design and user experience capabilities, complemented by an extensive understanding of technology and digital arts. Max was one of the few professionals in the world who could manage the branding, product design and user interface design for this type of projects. In my opinion, Max is one of the top designers in the world. In my career, I worked only with the best collaborators and Max’s amazing designs always got the outstanding results I expected.”

/ Rick Schonberg, Head of Currenex - State Street /

“We need to create a product that our users don’t know that they need yet.”

/ Talkspace /

Being an early-stage startup in the space of online therapy back in 2011-2012 was tricky as there were no competitors yet, and therefore, no data, no customers and no user research available. The first year of the startup had been spent doing trials and errors to finally learn through Prototypes and Usability Testings that the market needed a text-message based therapy and not an online group video therapy as we all assumed when we started the company.

Collaborated directly with the CEO as being part of the early stage team:

  • Led the branding and online therapy digital product.

  • Designed the iPhone app and website.

  • Contributed on secured the first and second round of corporate investment.

  • Rated 4.2 on the App Store with 500K clients and 1K therapists.


“During my 15-year tenure with McCann Erickson, I held various executive creative direction jobs and worked with a multitude of talented designers. However, only Max Masure’s skills and art sense stood above and beyond all other designers. In addition, Max’s exceptional talent was coupled with a great attitude. When I founded Talkspace, an online group therapy site, I needed the very best designer to accomplish the impossible—create a new name, a new brand and a new product, one that would convince both investors and consumers to work with us. Max Masure, who had forged their reputation internationally as one of the best in their field, was my obvious first choice. Personally, I am absolutely delighted with Max’s work. Their designs for Talkspace were outstanding and played a critical role in securing corporate investment during both our first and second funding rounds. Max also provided the website with an aesthetic, usability, and interactivity that contributed to attracting new clients and to increase customer loyalty.”

/ Oren Frank, CEO and Co-Founder - Talkspace /

“How can we be gender inclusive?”

/ uber /

Through a Design Thinking Workshop focused on Gender Inclusion, the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Leader at Uber was able to problem solving some gender issues they had at their workplace, especially through the Empathy exercices, User Journey Mapping, and Affinity Mapping.

Collaborated directly with the Diversity & Inclusion Leader:

  • Strategized and led Design Thinking workshop with Empathy exercices, User Journey Mapping, and Affinity Mapping.

  • Go-Forward Strategy to implement the solutions after the workshop.

“I’ve known Max Masure for the past 8 months and have always been in awe of the talents and knowledge they possesses. A few months ago, I went to The Culture Conference and was able to participate in one of the Gender Inclusion workshops that Max facilitated. The workshop was amazing, eye-opening and paired raising awareness and planning tactical solutions together better than any workshop I’ve ever done before. To top it off, Max Masure was a phenomenal facilitator and is always a pleasure to work with.

/ Lara Kristina - Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging - Uber /