Max Masure

Together, let’s generate innovative ideas for your business and turn them into success, saving time and money with collaborative work and prototypes.

My journey is a bit atypical. I started my career 12 years ago working as an entrepreneur doing User Experience Design, guiding Design Thinking workshops for an array of organizations, from startups to Fortune 50 companies. I led Design Thinking workshops for the innovation departments of Essilor and Johnson & Johnson, worked with Goldman Sachs, State Street, and Credit Suisse on award-winning mobile banking tools and collaborated on the launch of the first online therapy app, Talkspace, which has successfully helped thousands of individuals connect with an online support system.


Very few people realize when they see or hear me now that I was seen as a straight woman at the time.

When I started to live authentically as a transgender nonbinary person, it shifted my entire world. One day at a cafe, the barista shouted my very feminine birth name, instead of my name Max, to tell me my order was ready because they used the name on my credit card and assumed I was using that name. I felt mortified and unsafe, being outed as a transgender person in a public space. This is when I started to think of solutions to avoid to put transgender people at risk, how the system could be hacked and improved to be truly inclusive. I realized I could be the change and improve gender inclusion issues using my very unique perspective in the society and the Design Thinking Workshops methodology. And that’s how I founded Argo Collective with Jay Bendett. 

I found myself. This is what we call “Ikigai”.


“Max Masure possesses phenomenal Design Thinking facilitation skills and enthusiasm for designing products and services around existing human needs.”

Elodie Camaret, Consumer Innovation Director - Essilor


What are you doing now, Max?

I am facilitating Design Thinking workshops for companies and I also train organizations through Argo Collective to use creativity, empathy, and collaboration to tackle gender inclusion challenges by helping them find actionable solutions for their own issues, combining the power of Design Thinking Methodology and my lived experience as a transgender nonbinary person.

Currently available for Design Thinking projects.