Max Masure
Max Masure
Design Thinking Facilitator
Max Masure Civic Design Strategist

I am Max Masure (they/them), a Civic Design Strategist assisting mission-driven organizations.

After a decade focusing on tech startups and fortune 500 companies (which left me burned out), I am now committed to use my human-centered approach for social change projects.

Together, let’s generate transformative ideas and turn them into sustainable solutions, highly anchored in your community’s needs.

Since 2017, I am also the co-founder of Argo Collective, a trans nonbinary queer owned mission-driven organization where we educate through collaborative workshop sessions that empower teams to combat gender-bias.

A decade assisting teams

“The workshop was amazing, eye-opening and paired raising awareness and planning tactical solutions together better than any workshop I’ve ever done before. To top it off, Max Masure was a phenomenal facilitator and is always a pleasure to work with.”

Lara Kristina, Diversity, Inclusion, And Belonging - Uber

“Max Masure possesses phenomenal Design Thinking facilitation skills and enthusiasm for designing products and services around existing human needs.”

Elodie Camaret, Consumer Innovation Director - Essilor

“Max Masure’s work was done very thorough and the client felt interesting to be involved every step of the way in this high level engagement as they were not used to be part of the process like that. It was new and interesting for them.”

Ludivine Grippay, Senior Innovation Strategist - InProcess

Max Masure Civic Design Strategist Prototype

Civic Design Strategy For Mission-Driven Organizations

  • Envision Long-Term Goal: Align Mission & Values

  • Understand Community Needs: Conduct User Interviews within communities

  • Test Solutions: Prototype Solutions and Test them with community members

  • Plan a Strategy: Analyze Findings & Recommendations to plan a Practical Strategy